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10 perspectives

10 perspectives Hans Hartung - 10 perspectives
10 new perspectives on the artist, his oeuvre and its reception.
Also available in English edition.
German-French painter Hans Hartung (1904-1989) is one of the most important representatives of abstract art. His work is associated with Lyrical abstraction, Informalism, and Ecole de Paris.

See also Annie Claustres: Hans Hartung – Les aléas d'une réception; Pauline Mari: Hartung Nouvelle VagueDe Resnais vers Rohmer; Anna-Eva Bergman.
Edited by Anne Pontégnie.
Texts by Laurence Bertrand-Dorléac, Annie Claustres, Chantal Eschenfelder, Franz Kaizer, Rainer Mason, Christine Mehring, Jennifer Mundy, Anne Pontégnie, John C. Welchman, Christopher Wool.

Published by 5 Continents.
published in 2006
French edition
16,5 x 24 cm (softcover)
226 pages (color ill.)
ISBN : 978-88-7439-211-7
EAN : 9788874392117
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10 perspectives 10 perspectives 10 perspectives 10 perspectives 10 perspectives
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