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Tacet #01 – Who is John Cage?

Tacet  - Tacet #01
The first issue of the experimental music annual review. Dossier John Cage (headed by Matthieu Saladin): in depth studies and articles (Philip Gentry, Sarah Troche, Jean-Yves Bosseur, Xabier Erkizia, Seth Kim-Cohen, Michael Pisaro, Sophie Stévance, Mattin) and free reflection papers (Matthieu Saladin, Radu Malfatti, Toshiya Tsunoda, Jérôme Noetinger), documents, critical reviews and reports (Philip Thomas, Rob Haskins, Ivana Miladinović Prica, Cyrille Bret)...
“Who is John Cage?” On the occasion of the centenary of the composer's birth, this edition of Tacet opens an investigation across a group of texts by researchers and musicians. It aims to revive essential problems that underlie Cage's oeuvre, but which continue to be profoundly at work in experimental music today.
Tacet is a new research publication dedicated to sound arts and experimental music. Published annually and bilingually (French, English), its ambition is to create an interdisciplinary and international space of reflection for this practices, in all its aesthetic diversity.
Tacet, as John Cage showed so well in 4'33'', designates a moment of silence observed by an instrumentalist during the whole period of a movement. By extension, it becomes, as the title of this publication, a moment of introspection, of reflectivity and reflection, where music interrupts itself to give way to research and theoretical questioning.
aims, in this way, on the side of sound arts and experimental music, to contribute to the renewal of theoretical research by confronting and intersecting artists and musicians' speeches, studies coming from aesthetics and philosophy of art, from the critical renewal of musicology, from cultural studies and gender studies, from political thought, from social sciences and geography.
Tacet is part of the Ohcetecho series, dedicated to sound arts and experimental music, published by Les presses du réel (editorial board: Matthieu Saladin and Yvan Etienne).
published in January 2012
bilingual edition (English / French)
16 x 23 cm (softcover)
532 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-9539516-0-8
EAN : 9782953951608
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