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TélégrammeLes années rationnées

Robert Morris - Télégramme
First artist's book by Robert Morris.
Morris, the narrator of this text, sends himself a telegram from his childhood in Kansas City, Missouri of the 40s. He launches into a full account, bringing to surface a flood of past memories when the exhileration of war overwhelmed the imagination of a ten year old...
First artist's book by Morris. Entirely designed by the artist, it included in an installation entitled The Rationed Years (composed of paintings, school desks, sculptures, and a sound piece). The text refers to World War II and to Morris' memory of this period.
The work of American artist Robert Morris (1931-2018) seems to find more and more relevance each year. Often associated with Minimalist productions—such as those of Carl Andre, Donald Judd, and Dan Flavin—Morris' work was in reality "multimedia" from the outset and never determined by any style or form.
Edited by Christophe Cherix.
Translated from the English (American) by Thierry Dubois.
published in 2000
French edition
24 x 17 cm (softcover)
72 pages (8 b/w ill.)
22.00 15.00
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ISBN : 978-2-940159-16-1
EAN : 9782940159161
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