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Chroniques du bruit (livre + CD)

Sarah Benhaïm - Chroniques du bruit (livre + CD)
An object book (with CD) featuring 29 concert reviews from the Parisian noise and experimental music scene in 2011 and 2012. It provides insights into a dynamic, radical, and deeply communal music scene. The reviews are accompanied by a selection of 22 unpublished photographs taken by the artist Steeve Bauras during the same period. Additionally, there is an experimental sound piece by DJ Fusiller created from concert recordings compiled by the author. Period flyers are randomly inserted throughout the book.
Featuring 20000punks, AlexandreDavidGabriel, Angels in America, Alexandre Bellenger, Astral Social Club, Astreinte, C'est aussi chouette que les noms de chats, Carradine, Audrey Chen, Clougnioule, Crâne, Decapited Hed + DJ Téléphone sans fil, Laurent Di Biase, DJ Balli, El-g, Ensemble Economique, Ex.JI, ExWorks, Lionel Fernandez, Flunitrazépam Halopéridol, France Sauvage, Fusiller, Goghal, Jean-Philippe Gomez & Guillaume Gargaud, Groupe Ana-R, Andy Guhl, H&M, Happy Françoise, Helm, Hess, High Wolf, Jassem Hindi, Hiroyuki, Humbert Humbert, Indch Libertine, ISO.thesis, Je suis le petit chevalier, José and the Buttsluggers, Yann Joussein, Kikiilimikilii, Bill Kouligas, L'ocelle mare, Lubriphikatttor, Patrick Lombe, Mark Lord, Love Katy, Luciole, Thierry Madiot, Miho & Erik Minkkinen & Andy Bolus, Myster Vrô, Nascitari, Fred Nipi, Noir Boy George, Nox Factio, KK Null, Daniel Menche, Opéra Mort, Bill Orcutt, Ordure, Orphan Fairytale, Pain Jerk, Planetaldol, PQ, Popol Gluant, Emmanuel Rebus, Rice Corpse, Rrose Sélavy, Ruins Alone, Marc Sens & Mike Ladd, Damien Schultz, Shit & Shine, Skullflower, Sida, Sister lodine, Pete Swanson, Rodger Stella, Peter Sotos, The Men, The Tobacconists, TG Gondard, Tomutonttu, Clifford Torus, Tünel, Unearthed, Vom Grill, Vomir, Ralph White, Zaraz Wam Zagram, Zeni Geva...

DJ Fusiller is a 100% random overlap and approximate narration DJ project. Born in 2015 from a programming misunderstanding during an anniversary party, its only public appearance was met with mixed reactions from a partially complicated audience. The project was put on hold for several years but was eventually revived in 2020 under the impetus of Editions Gravats. Since then, it has released several cassettes (Editions Gravats, Tanzprocesz) and digital releases (Terror Core, Ouïe Dire, DJ Fails).

Steeve Bauras (lives and works in Paris) has embarked on numerous journeys where his encounters and experiences within underground artistic scenes in Europe, Latin America, and Africa have informed his work. Through his work, the artist questions memory and territorial links to make visible the power of artistic creation on our conception of reality. His work has been exhibited at BISO 2023 in Burkina Faso, the Fiminco Foundation in Paris (2021), and as part of the Jeu de Paume Lab project (2021). He was selected for the Rencontres Photographiques d'Arles (2019), exhibited in Cologne (2020), at the Lagos Biennale in Nigeria (2019), Les Filles du Calvaire gallery in Paris (2018), the Havana Biennale (2016), Rencontres de la Photographie de Bamako (2015), and SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin (2013)
Sarah Benhaïm, after teaching art theory and graphic design history in art schools, is currently an associate professor in musicology at the University of Tours (ICD). She specializes in the history and sociology of popular music. Her doctoral thesis in social sciences, defended at EHESS in 2018, focused on noise music and DIY (Do it Yourself). Through ethnographic research conducted in Paris, including field observations, interviews, and analysis of musical material, her work explores experimental practices (instrumental play, DIY fabrication, listening behaviors) as well as discourses and representations related to underground music. Following the release of an issue of the Transposition journal dedicated to musical flops, co-edited with Lambert Dousson, she is currently working on wild lutherie and DIY instrumentations. A member of the free-noise trio DMZ, she collaborated with the Tanzprocesz label to create the Live Series, a series of cassettes based on her concert recording archives. She is a member of the editorial board of the journal Transposition, musique et sciences sociales and a member of the IASPM (International Association for the Study of Popular Music). She also serves on the Music Expert Committee of the DRAC Île-de-France and organizes experimental music concerts.
Preface by Nicolas Ballet.
Text by Sarah Benhaïm.
Photographs by Steeve Bauras.
Sound: DJ Fusiller.

Graphic design: Hélène Marian.
published in October 2023
French edition
14 x 24 cm (softcover)
192 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-490445-11-0
EAN : 9782490445110
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