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Live Bootleg (+ CD)

Live Bootleg (+ CD) Brandon LaBelle - Live Bootleg (+ CD)
This publication provides an overview of sound installations and environments by the experimental artist-musician, featuring three essays and an interview, as well as a specific project (a collection of radio memories submitted from around the world), installations views, the artist's Museum of Instruments, and descriptions of the performances recorded on the included audio CD.
Brandon LaBelle is a musician, artist, writer, theorist, curator, educator and editor based in Berlin. His work, based on performance, sound installation, recording and use of found sounds, focuses on questions of agency, community, pirate culture, and poetics, which results in a range of collaborative and para-institutional initiatives, including: The Listening Biennial and Academy (2021-), Communities in Movement (2019-), The Living School (2014-16), Oficina de Autonomia (2017), The Imaginary Republic (2014-19), Dirty Ear Forum (2013-), Surface Tension (2003-2008), and Surface Tension (1998-2002). LaBelle reflects fluently on his artistic practice, drawing attention to the social dimensions of listening and manner in which sounds, in multiple variations, play upon public spaces, and drawing connections across media and incorporate video, as well as architectural and sculptural vocabularies into an expanded field that embraces rhetorical and spatial challenges.
In 1995 he founded Errant Bodies Press, an independent publishing house supporting work in sound art and studies, performance and poetics, artistic research and contemporary political thought.
Edited by Yvan Etienne.
Texts by Ken Ehrlich, Carla Demierre, Juliana Hodkinson, Lene Asp Frederiksen, Stine Hebert.

Translated by Anne Barthélemy.
Graphic design: Nicolas Bardey.
published in 2008
bilingual edition (English / French)
13 x 17 cm (folded poster cover)
192 pages (colour ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-84066-236-5
EAN : 9782840662365
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Live Bootleg (+ CD) Live Bootleg (+ CD) Live Bootleg (+ CD) Live Bootleg (+ CD) Live Bootleg (+ CD) Live Bootleg (+ CD) Live Bootleg (+ CD)

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