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Did you take the dog out? (2 vinyl LP)

Gilles Furtwängler - Did you take the dog out? (2 vinyl LP)
A split on 4 sides gathering 10 musicians, poets and poetesses around texts written and read by Gilles Furtwängler.
Gilles Furtwängler (born 1982 in Lausanne, Switzerland) lives and works between Johannesburg and Lausanne. After graduating from the Art School of Lausanne (ECAL) in 2006, he has since been developing his artwork based on text, using spoken words as the trigger of his visual production. Furtwängler works with different techniques as drawing, painting and printing to create plastic support for his texts. Trough collecting found texts he works on retelling and rewriting what he hears and reads, using contexts, colors and substances to question ways of thinking and representing in our era. Member of the contemporary art center Circuit in Lausanne and artists group Makrout Unité in Switzerland, he is also the founder of the spoken words show "Revenir et dire ça" on the internet radio *DUUU based in Paris.
Composed by Nicolas Field, Gilles Furtwängler, Robert Machiri, Tshepang Ramoba, Louis Schild.
Performed by Gaël Bandelier, Nicolas Field, Lionel Friedli, Gilles Furtwängler, Robert Machiri, David Meier, Tshepang Ramoba, Stéphanie Rosianu, Louis Schild, Ariel Zimonsky.
published in July 2023
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