Jacopo Benassi

Artist photographer Jacopo Benassi (born in 1966) lives and works in La Spezia, Italia. His work is regularly published within several editorial projects, including Le Dictateur, BTOMICzine, and New Gentlemen's Club, which reflect the affirmation of a singular artistic scene in Italy.

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Jacopo Benassi - FAGS
bilingual edition (English / Italian)
A photo book by Jacopo Benassi that brings together images in which the artist portrays and documents his own intimacy over a 25-year period, from the day he announced his homosexuality: a human journey comprising meetings that have left an indelible sign on his personal story as an artist. 
Jacopo Benassi - Coco 7 - Stillleben (box set)
Le Dictateur Press - Artists' books & editions / catalogues
A limited-edition box set documenting the seventh and penultimate episode of COCO, the project that brings together video art and music by artist and designer Federico Pepe and artist and photographer Jacopo Benassi.
Jacopo Benassi - Paris is in Asia
English edition
Collection of black & white photographs celebrating Italian actress and filmmaker Asia Argento in Paris. The volume is risograph-printed and enclosed in a silk-screened slipcase. With a quite striking foreword by no-wave priestess Lydia Lunch.
Jacopo Benassi - Morte a Venezia
bilingual edition (English / Italian)
currently out of stock
The nocturnal strolls of the Italian photographer in the empty streets of Venice
Jacopo Benassi - Slippers (box set)
Le Dictateur Press - Artists' books & editions / catalogues
sold out
Jacopo Benassi's collection of eroticized slippers (artist's edition—10 booklets in a handmade wood box set).
Jacopo Benassi - The Ecology of Image
bilingual edition (English / Italian)
Le Dictateur Press - Artists' books & editions / catalogues
sold out
An ambitious (and heavyweight) series of 500 images of ugly and beautiful objects and lives by Italian artist and photographer Jacopo Benassi.

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