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Paris is in Asia

Jacopo Benassi - Paris is in Asia
Collection of black & white photographs celebrating Italian actress and filmmaker Asia Argento in Paris. The volume is risograph-printed and enclosed in a silk-screened slipcase. With a quite striking foreword by no-wave priestess Lydia Lunch.
“The mass neurotic triad of insufferable idiocy, infantile narcissism, and internet addiction has fostered a spiritual bankruptcy, an existential vacuum, a moral coma, a culture in crisis where all meaning has been leached from real life and replaced with Reality TV.
Kiss my ass Kim Kardashian, I hate you and I hate your fucking selfies, you overblown tool for having created a cult of celebrity devoid of talent and integrity whose only value is net worth generated by catering to the lowest common denominator. And you know fucking full well what that is…
A dumbed-down society where everyone's a star baby, circling around a galaxy formed by a black hole which centers around their own fucking asshole.
A nonstop circus side show littered with surgically enhanced big titted half-wit fem-bots pandering to dopey dicks as the theater of the ridiculous plays 24 hours a day… in perfect rotation, a pathetic ploy that pulls the brain dead public into spying on somebody else's perfectly photo-shopped life… so that they can forget just how much they are being spied on and manipulated into becoming a victim of the surveillance state. A pawn in the game who willingly gives up their own privacy in order to play patsy on a public platform modeling their dirty laundry in an unending series of senseless selfies, while prattling off and babbling on about every petty detail of their self-obsessed existence—thereby making it easier for Big Brother to track their every waking moment.
This book is a testament against the immaculately quaffed cunts who live their lives on social media networks hoping to score big points because they manipulated the perfect lie via filters and apps, that ape artifice and exaggeration. It is a much needed example of the down and dirty, the all to real, the in your face—fuck you—to false standards of an unattainable beauty that is based on bullshit and deceit that dominates Western culture and acts as just another consumer con, preaching conformity and product placement as it tries desperately to erase the individual.”
Lydia Lunch
This book is entirely handmade. Each copy is different. Imperfections are an integral part of risograph printing technique, whose value resides also in not being perfect. Handle with care.
Artist photographer Jacopo Benassi (born in 1966) lives and works in La Spezia, Italia. His work is regularly published within several editorial projects, including Le Dictateur, BTOMICzine, and New Gentlemen's Club, which reflect the affirmation of a singular artistic scene in Italy.
Text by Lydia Lunch.
published in October 2017
English edition
18 x 24,5 cm (softcover, under slipcase)
172 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-88-99058-21-0
EAN : 9788899058210
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Paris is in Asia Paris is in Asia Paris is in Asia Paris is in Asia Paris is in Asia Paris is in Asia Paris is in Asia Paris is in Asia
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