Crys Cole

Crys Cole (born 1976) is a Canadian sound artist working in composition, performance and sound installation. Generating subtle and imperfect sounds through haptic gestures and seemingly mundane materials, she creates texturally nuanced works that continuously retune the ear. Cole has performed in Canada, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, the USA, UK and throughout Europe. She has ongoing collaborations with Oren Ambarchi and with James Rushford (under the name Ora Clementi). She has also worked with Francis Plagne, Leif Elggren, Tetuzi Akiyama, Seiji Morimoto, Jessika Kenney, David Rosenboom, Annea Lockwood, Keith Rowe, Lance Austin Olsen, Jamie Drouin, Mathieu Ruhlmann, David Behrman, Tim Olive and many more. Cole's work has been published on labels Black Truffle, Penultimate Press, Ultra Eczema, caduc, Bocian, Another Timbre and Infrequency editions. With guest appearances published on Touch and MeGO. She has exhibited her work in Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the UK and Thailand.

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Crys Cole - Other Meetings (vinyl LP)
Black Truffle
A major addition to the body of carefully hewn solo work Crys Cole has released over the last decade, offering up two side-long suites of her radically intimate approach to sound.
Crys Cole - A Piece Of Work (vinyl LP)
Second Editions
A radio-commissioned album by the Canadian sound artist, based on sound fragments recorded around the world: a subtle and poetic assemblage of concrete sounds and atmospheres that evolve at the boundaries of perception (with Oren Ambarchi and Seiji Morimoto on drums and electronics).
Crys Cole - Beside Myself (vinyl LP)
Students Of Decay
The Canadian artist's second album features two immersive pieces that explore ideas of compositional drift: The Nonsuch is inspired by nocturnal hallucinations while In Praise of Blandness builds on sinologist François Jullien's concept of “blandness”.

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