Sidsel Meineche Hansen

Sidsel Meineche Hansen (born 1981 in Denmark, lives and works in London) is a Danish artist. She produces exhibitions, interdisciplinary seminars and publications that foreground the body and its industrial complex, in what she refers to as a “techno-somatic variant of institutional critique”. Meineche Hansen questions the body in the field of industrial representations: robotic or virtual bodies, and their relationship with the working world of industries of gaming, pornography, and new technologies. Her research-led practice has taken the form of woodcut prints, sculptures and CGI animations, often made by combining her own low-tech manual craft with outsourced, skilled digital labour.
Her recent exhibitions include: “An Artists Guide to Stop Being an Artist”, SMK - The National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen (2019); “Real Doll Theatre”, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; “End-user”, Kunsthal Århus, Denmark; “OVER”, Index Stockholm, Sweden (2018); “OVER”, Ludlow 38, New York City (2017); “No Right Way 2 Cum”, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow; “SECOND SEX WAR”, Gasworks, London, znd Trondheim Konstmuseum, Norway (2016); “ONE-self”, Temporary Gallery & Künstlerhaus Bremen, Germany (2015); and “INSIDER”, CUBITT, London (2014).
Sidsel Meineche Hansen - Second Sex War
English edition
Paraguay Press
Stemming from a series of works by Sidsel Meineche Hansen, this monographic catalogue offers a range of perspectives on urgent issues around gender, sexuality and labour in the digital age.

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