Judy Radul

Over the years, the interdisciplinary Canadian artist Judy Radul (born 1962, in Lillooet, lives in Vancouver) has primarily worked with video and film installation. Most recently, her video installations focus on questioning the “habits” of perception, blurring the boundaries between theater, performance, and film.

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Judy Radul - This Is Television
English edition
Sternberg Press - Monographs and artists' books
This Is Television addresses the increasingly obsolete medium of television by way of the medium of the book, commenting on media's continuous changes of form and format. Through an interplay of theory and artistic research material, the book extends Judy Radul's ongoing investigation of media with an idiosyncratic perspective on television—while still feeding off collective experience. The book thematizes television as a cultural container, both in its format as a box for content and as an ideologically saturated apparatus for reception.
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