Bertrand Dezoteux

Bertrand Dezoteux (born in 1982 in Bayonne) is a graduate of the Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts, he directed animated films such as Le Corso in 2008, L'Histoire de France en 3D in 2012, Picasso Land in 2016 or Super-règne in 2017. That same year, he directed En attendant Mars, a project supported by the Audi talents awards program and the CNES Space Observatory. Bertrand Dezoteux teaches video at the École supérieure d'art du Pays basque and is part of the DOC! collective.

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Bertrand Dezoteux - Le Centre spatial guyanais - Traversée culturelle dans les archives de l\'Espace #2
French edition
Observatoire de l'Espace / CNES - Books
Bernard Chambaz, Bertrand Dezoteux and David Redon review the complex history of the construction of the Guiana Space Center, the French space launch base in Kourou, in the 1960s.
Bertrand Dezoteux - Les incroyables Arnaud & Bertrand Dezoteux
French edition
L'Incroyable - Books
The “Mini” series is the natural extension of the magazine L'Incroyable. Each book immerses itself in the youth of artists through an interview about their teenage years. This second publication explores the paths of brothers and filmmakers Arnaud & Bertrand Dezoteux (interview by Jill Gasparina).
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