Peter Schuyff

A prominent member of the Neo-Geo movement, painter, sculptor and musician Peter Schuyff was born in Baarn, the Netherlands in 1958 and immigrated to Canada in 1966. He studied in Vancouver and then went, as was the custom, to New York. He has since exhibited internationally and prolifically. In 2005, after twenty years at the Chelsea Hotel, he moved back to the Netherlands. He lives and works in Amsterdam.

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Peter Schuyff - Sculptures / Beavers
English edition
Les presses du réel – Contemporary art – Artists' books & editions
A series of wood carvings by Peter Schuyff, reproduced on a scale of 1:10, alongside a short sorry by Arthur Miller staging the relationship between man and beaver.
Peter Schuyff - The Woodwards - Lyrics
English edition
Les presses du réel – Artists' Writings – Eccentricities
Known for his extravagant neo-surrealist paintings, the Dutchman emigrated to New York Peter Schuyff is also a guitarist and singer. Illustrated with drawings by Eliane Gerrits, this book brings together the lyrics of the folk and psychedelic songs of the band The Woodwards, which he forms with the English singer Stevie Guy.
Peter Schuyff - Has Been
bilingual edition (English / French)
Les presses du réel – Contemporary art – Monographs
sold out
First retrospective catalogue devoted to Dutch painter Peter Schuyff, a prominent member of the Neo-Geo movement, Has Been presents a selection of works produced between 1981 and 1991 in New York. The publication reveals the many paths taken by the artist and exposes the myriad forms which pictorial abstraction can take. Two critical essays, historical reviews, as well as a text written by Peter Schuyff in 1991, shed light on the artist's work of this period and on the complexity of its referential relationships.

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