Franz Erhard Walther

After studies in decorative art and at a school of fine Art, Franz Erhard Walther (born 1939 in Fulda, Germany, lives and works near Hamburg) enrolled at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf. He contributed to the historic exhibitions When attitude becomes form (1969-1970), organised by Harald Szeemann at the Kunsthalle in Berne, as well as Spaces at MOMA (1969-1970). He produces complex works, showcasing installations and sculptures which involve the spectator in his sensory entirety and engage the whole body.
Franz Erhard Walther was awarded the Golden Lion at the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017.
Franz Erhard Walther - L\'autre conception de l\'œuvre
French edition
MAMCO - MAMCO Collection
A detailed analysis of Franz Erhard Walther's pioneering Werksatz series of wearable fabric sculptures by Erik Verhargen, accompanied by a history of the piece by Thierry Davila.
Franz Erhard Walther - ABC... Museum - Wortbilder
bilingual edition (German / French)
MAMCO - Artists' books
32.00 25.00 €
German artist's "word-images" (early works).

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