Michele Lombardelli

Michele Lombardelli (born 1968 in Cremona) is an eclectic artist, musician, collector and editor. During his career he tried a lot of different techniques : painting, drawing, sculpture, installations and graphics. Using the pseudonym “Untitled Noise” he also experimented a lot with music. His visual research is moved by an analytic attitude that investigates “the unsolved” and “the undefined” following the ideas of Samuel Beckett.

(external link : www.michelelombardelli.com)
Michele Lombardelli - California
English edition
Humboldt Books - Artist's Travels
A collection of photographs and drawings retracing the founding Californian experience of the artist.
Michele Lombardelli - Los Angeles 1989 Tokyo 1991
English edition
Humboldt Books - Artist's Travels
Los Angeles 1989 Tokyo 1991 brings together a collection of images from two of the most complex and undefinable metropolises on the face of the Earth, the social and urban form of which is ceaselessly reshaped by the minimal existence of millions of people in movement. Lombardelli's photographs are also cinematographic homages to the works of Wim Wenders and Yasujirō Ozu.
Michele Lombardelli - Giunge una voce a qualcuno nel buio (A voice comes to one in the dark)
bilingual edition (English / Italian)
A miniaturized visual inventory of the ordinary (artist's book).

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