Aleksandra Waliszewska

Born 1976, Aleksandra Waliszewska lives and works ni Warsaw.
Aleksandra Waliszewska - Kudłaci Ludzie
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White Rabbit Prod - Pool of Tears
A collection of drawings by Aleksandra Waliszewska published in Pool Of Tears, a series of small format artist's books.
Aleksandra Waliszewska - The Horse With No Name Is A Horse With No Shame
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United Dead Artists
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Dark romanticism revisited: Aleksandra Waliszewska' Gothic paintings are a nightmarish blend of European folklore and Mythological influences, macabre characters plunged on the brink of insanity, funeral landscapes, powerful irrational and morbid scenes... “Of bloody dreams, black threats, traps in the forest, tight throat, wasted faces...”.

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