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Soldes #03

Soldes  - Soldes #03
Featuring: a tribute to Frank Zappa (unpublished interview and illustrations by Cal Schenkel), Christian Marclay by Anaïs Prosaïc, The Wild Classical Music Ensemble, Anaïs Nony, Guerilla Gardening, Zdenek Kosek, self-hypnosis, Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle's ecosexual activism, primatologist Frans de Waal...
Illustrations by Thomas Agrinier, Ghada Amer, Martes Bathori, Catherine Benoît, Delphine Duprat, Elvis, José Maria Gonzales, Alex Gross, Kimio Itozaki, Carlos Kusnir, Philippe Lardy, Sofia Proisy Lesnick, Danielle Luinge, Laureen Machu, Jeff McMillan, Stu Mead, Mathilde Payen, Martha Rich, Jonathon Rosen, Cal Schenkel, Lucie Schneider, Allison Schulnik, Philippe Seinturier, Walter Swennen, Mark Todd, Léonard Nguyen Van Thé, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Cyrille Weiner.
Soldes is the revival of Soldes Fins de Série, a Belgian quarterly first published at the beginning of the Eighties. In the words of Andy Warhol “the best magazine in the world” gained international renown few months after its creation, and was sold in nine countries, becoming an underground success on the sidelines of the media industry. In 2010 Soldes was revived as an almanac on Marc Borgers' initiative, with Art Kiosque, Paris, and 5C éditions, Brussels. “Made like a work of art”, Soldes discusses arts, science, and society, exclusively in print format.
Edited by Marc Borgers and Philippe Lardy.
Texts by Martes Bathori, Marc Borgers, Sybille Cornet, Crystal d'Arck, Dali De Clair, Bruno Decharme, Maral Deghati, Roger des Prés, Gaby (Guerilla Gardening), Alexandre Galand, Marie Godefroid, Lætitia Koslova, Philippe Lardy, Maxime Lê Hùng, Karine Lévy, Katie Lith, Isabelle Marchand, Olivier Méry, Clémence Le Prévost, Anaïs Prosaïc, Laurent Schweizer, Pacôme Thiellement, Jean-Pierre Verheggen.

Graphic design: Marc Borgers.
published in November 2013
texts in English and French
28 x 33 cm (softcover)
168 pages (color & b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-953490-14-5
EAN : 9782953490145
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Soldes Soldes Soldes Soldes Soldes Soldes Soldes Soldes Soldes Soldes Soldes Soldes

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