Hubert Renard

The work of Hubert Renard (born 1965 in Lyon, lives and works in Paris) is ubiquitous in the sense that it exists simultaneously at different moments in time, in the different periods in which it is inscribed, but also through the different facets of his persona and the reflection it sets up. Like Schrodinger's cat, his work is both dead and alive, in progress but also finished, and the presence of the artist himself is often manifested... by his absence. In a sense, one could say that it is based on the classical aesthetic bases of “re-presentation”, constantly playing on the disorder of the disappearance and appearance of its subject. The artist, the work and its model are merged, and like the myth of Dibutade, the model is present then absent, the work is valid for him and functions as a sign, at the same time index and icon.

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Hubert Renard - Catalogue raisonné - 1969-1998
bilingual edition (English / French)
mfc-michèle didier - Monographs, editions & artist's books
The first complete inventory of Hubert Renard's work, between 1969 and 1998, includes all finished works, paintings, sculptures, installations, unique or multiple pieces.
Hubert Renard - Invitation - Quarante-deux cartons d\'invitation aux vernissages
French edition
Incertain Sens
Artist's book.

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