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Multiple x multiple

 - Multiple x multiple
An investigation of the multiple in art, through the works of some thirty artists.
Published following the eponymous exhibition at Michel Journiac gallery, Paris, in 2022.
Edited by Véronique Verstraete.
With / contributions by Jean-Charles Agboton-Jumeau, Sylvie Coëllier, Emeline Jaret, Hervé Binet, Jean-Christophe Nourisson, David Bihanic, Antoine Perrot, Christian Robert-Tissot, Claude Closky, Muden Water, Hubert Renard, Elsa Werth, Carolle Sanchez, Clément Davenel, Cesare Pietroiusti, Joy Seror, Estèla Alliaud, Julien Nédélec, Christophe Viart, Ziyue Zhou, Eddy Firmin, Claude Horstmann, Claire Maugeais, Jean-Christophe Nourisson, Benjamin Sabatier, Fabrice Michel, Marie Reinert, Dominique Blais, Jean-Charles Agboton-Jumeau, Louise Hervé & Clovis Maillet, Delphine Reist, Cécile Mainardi, Michel Verjux, Véronique Verstraete, Damien Dion.

Graphic design: Studio Dazd.
published in December 2023
French edition
19 x 25 cm (softcover)
168 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-37229-055-5
EAN : 9782372290555
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