Robert Milin

Robert Milin - L\'art les gens l\'artiste (book / DVD)
bilingual edition (English / French), DVD in original version with English subtitles
a.p.r.e.s editions - Books-DVDs
Since 1991, Robert Milin has created artworks with guests invited to participate because of a practice they adopted in their daily life—as gardeners, cyclists, inhabitants of a village… In 2015, he decided to meet again with these people to give them the floor about this experience. The booklet features an interview with Robert & Delphine Milin and a chronology of the artist's works.
Robert Milin - Un espace de l\'art ? (DVD)
bilingual edition (English / French) / DVD in French version (English subtitles)
a.p.r.e.s editions - Books-DVDs
A film by Robert Milin to question the conditions and implications of “art in the suburbs.” (with Sylvie Blocher, Thomas Hirschhorn, Didier Marcel, Guy Tortosa...).

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