Brice Dellsperger

Brice Dellsperger (born 1972 in Cannes, France, lives and works in Paris) pushes the boundaries of genre and gender. In his multifaceted reprises of iconic film sequences—all assembled under the generic title Body Double—the cineast and artist reenacts the selected scenes frame for frame and lets his “body doubles” perform all of the roles, be they male or female.
Brice Dellsperger has exhibited extensively in Europe and abroad, and began his well-known Body Double series in 1995. His work is in collections that include the Museum of Modern Art, Musée d'Art Moderne – Centre Pompidou, and the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco.

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Brice Dellsperger - On Gender Performance
English edition
Floating Opera Press
sold out
A conversation about performance, genre and cinema in the subversive work of Brice Dellsperger.
Brice Dellsperger - Body Double
English edition
Sternberg Press - Monographs and artists' books
Artist's book (an hallucinated portrait gallery of most of the characters created by Brice Dellsperger for his film remakes) / first substantive study of his work, with an essay by Marie Canet.
Brice Dellsperger - Body Double
French edition
Artist's book (available in English edition).

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