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The soundtrack to Murnau's Nosferatu composed / improvised / played by the trioof Emmanuelle Parrenin, Quentin Rollet and Jérôme Lorichon. The book accompanying the CD contains four versions of the Nosferatu story by four French artists: Marie-Pierre Brunel, Foolz, Caroline Sury and Alexios Tjoyas.
The book comes with four different covers, randomly distributed.
A French folk singer, harpist and hurdy-gurdy player, Emmanuelle Parrenin (born 1949) is a discreet but essential figure on the French experimental folk scene since the late 1960s.
Quentin Rollet (born 1974) started playing the alto saxophone at the age of 11 and the sopranino saxophone at 37. After a few years spent unlearning the teaching of the conservatory, he devoted himself solely to free improvisation. This led him to play on record or on stage with groups as varied as Nurse With Wound, Prohibition, The Red Krayola, Mendelson, David Grubbs, Herman Dune, Akosh S. Unit, Thierry Müller, Rubin Steiner, eRikm, Jac Berrocal, Andrew Liles, Bästard, Ulan Bator, Costes, Red, Melmac, Dragibus, Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws, Jérôme Lorichon, Charlie O, Dan-Charles Dahan, Zsolt Söres, Pal Toth, Jean-Noël Cognard, Jean-Pierre Barja, Rivkah, Benoît de Villeneuve...... He is a member of Pointe du Lac, and the co-founder of the labels Rectangle (with Noël Akchoté), reQords and Bisou Records.
Jérôme Lorichon, multi-instrumentalist and improviser, is a founding member of Purr and The Berg Sans Nipple. Percussionist of Zombie Zombie, bassist/keyboardist/trumpet player of Don Nino, he played with Erik Minkkinen (with whom he founded Capricorne Band and Antilles in trio with Lionel Fernandez), Quentin Rollet, Ghédalia Tazartès, Yeti Lane, Heliogabale, Orval Carlos Sibelius, My Name Is Nobody...
2024 (publication expected by 3rd quarter)
60 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 970-10-96324-10-1
EAN : 9701096324101
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