Die Schachtel

Die Schachtel is an independent record label/publishing house founded in 2003 by Bruno Stucchi and Fabio Carboni, specialising in electronic/concrete/avant-garde music, sound poetry and artists' records.
 Damāvand - As Long As You Come To My Garden (vinyl LP)
The debut of the duo Damāvand (Gianluca Ceccarini and Alessandro Ciccarelli), a tribute to the 18th Century Armenian poet and musician Sayat Nova, weaves a sprawling sense of rhythmic abstraction from ancient poetic touchstone, offering further proof that the future of ambient music is now.
Claudio Rocchetti - Labirinto Verticale (vinyl LP)
Occupying a remarkable middle ground between the operatic, the abstractions of experimentalism, and seductive qualities of popular music, Italian berlin-based composer, performer and publisher Claudio Rocchetti has created an entirely singular from of electroacoustic practice, as though Phillip Glass' Operas were tossed into a blender run by Alvin Lucier. Thrilling, deeply engaging, and bordering on the visionary, this transportive wonder taps the melancholic and ecstatic alike.
Jim O\'Rourke - Immanent in Nervous Activity (vinyl LP)
Riding the razor's edge between bristling electroacoustic wizardry and the constrained structures and harmonic interplay of musical minimalism, "Immanent in Nervous Activity" is Die Schachtel's new release from the creative partnership of Giovanni Di Domenico and Jim O'Rourke, joining the conversant vision of two of the most striking voices within the field of contemporary sound.
Giovanni Di Domenico - Decay Music n. 4 - Downtown Ethnic Music (vinyl LP)
Binding a deep social and political conscious with rigorous musical experimentation, the Brussels based, Italian pianist, performer, composer, Giovanni Di Domenico, delivers Downtown Ethnic Music, the 4th instalment of Die Schachtel's Decay Music series, focused on inspired contemporary experimental efforts in the ambient, ethereal, and emotively abstract music.

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