Run by Emmanuel Lalande, PiedNu is a French label and a platform for the diffusion and creation of new experimental and improvised music.
Le Havre
12 titles
 DASDAS - Un zèbre bleu aux yeux de mouche (vinyl LP)
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A record of outsider music (sound objects and voices) made by patients at Le Havre psychiatric hospital, accompanied by Aude Romary on cello and Nosfell.
Claire Bergerault - Stick Slip (CD)
First official solo album of Claire Bergerault, Stick Slip is an incredible cloud of frequencies where voice and accordion twist the space like an electronic music with psychoacoustic effects. A light and intense record at the same time, always on this acoustic border which makes the inner ear resonate like a mini oscillator.
François Buffet - Le songe du retour (CD)
A piece created in 2013 that is a step towards applying spectral techniques in an electroacoustic environment.
Jérôme Noetinger - dR (CD)
Jérôme Noetinger's first solo album (Revox B77 tape recorder, microphones, radios, Korg MS20 synthesizer, piano, objects): a panorama of his practice on tape recorder.
Hubert Michel - Contemplations (CD)
A concrete symphony (a journey between a public sphere—passing trains, passers-by in the street, a construction site— and the intimate relations that a composer can have with an electronic machine or software).
Clara de Asís - Uno todo tres (CD)
A minimalist piece of forty-four minutes in which the electroacoustic composer and experimental guitarist goes beyond the conventional modes of the instrumental approach, deploys a radically personal atypical universe and subtly explores the idea of space by generating different degrees of tension and emotion.
 I\'d m thfft able - Teth Teething  (CD)
A cut-up piece recorded primarily in the first part of 2013, many tracks using field recordings and cassettes found on late winter tour down south, later edited and assembled in late 2015.
Dominique Lemaître - Pulsars (CD)
Eight pieces mostly made for flutes (for piccolo, flute, alto flute, piano and percussion).
 GOL<!----> - Tautologos III / Havresac (CD)
A meeting of the GOL group with Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari around the piece composed in 1969 by Luc Ferrari, and an improvisation.
Emmanuel Lalande - Études acoustiques (CD)
These studies confront real spaces captured in the field and others reconstructed in the studio.
Audrey Chen - The Gratitude Of Sediment (CD)
An adventurous sonic exploration of the voice, cello and electronics.
Roger Turner - The Cigar That Talks (CD)
The Cigar That Talks, recorded by the trio of Michel Doneda, soprano and sopranino saxophones, John Russell, acoustic guitar and Roger Turner, drums and percussion, is an album of radical improvisation where copper, wood and steel become music by the only miracle of a perfect interaction seized on the spot.

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