Thierry Müller

Thierry Müller, known for his albums under the name of Ilitch, and his hit "Polaroid/Roman/Photo" under the name of Ruth, creates music mixing, among others, synthesizers and guitar since the late 1970s.

See also Ilitch.

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Thierry Müller - Vents (CD)
Bisou Records
Denis Lavant reads/says the poem Vents by Saint-John Perse (1946), accompanied by Quentin Rollet (saxophones) and Patrick Müller (electrosonic). With the participation of Romain Perrot (guitar).
Thierry Müller - On Your Body\'s Landscape (vinyl LP)
Bisou Records
A very cinematic improvised instrumental session by Thierry Müller (Ilitch) and Quentin Rollet.

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