ReQords is a label founded by Quentin Rollet.

See also Bisou Records (founded by Quentin Rollet and Isabelle Magnon).
7 titles
Quentin Rollet - Recorded Yesterday and on sale Today (CD)
A pair of contemporary music giants re-release a long-lost 2003 live recording, previously available only as a CD-R.
Quentin Rollet - Débordements (CD)
Soundscapes, drones, disruptive aberrations, textures and perplexingly absorbing interactions between French guitarist, graphic and sound artist Xavier Mussat and saxophonist Quentin Rollet, performing live at Instants Chavires, in Montreuil, France, in 2020, for eight diverse and unusual improvisations.
Quentin Rollet - Shampanskoye (CD)
An off-track, frenetic and exciting improvisation session bringing together musicians who have known each other for many years and are playing together for the first time.
Andrew Sharpley - Q&A - The New Me (CD)
An inspiring album that dissolves the boundary that too often separates live and studio, improvisation and composition.
Quentin Rollet - Mettent une ambiance de malade ! (CD)
Quentin Rollet lays his mini tape synthesizer and saxophones on drum tracks recorded by Kim Giani in 2015, that is to say in the world before confinement. A humorous and energetic project, realized in a period of global boredom.
Akosh S. - Györ (CD)
The first duo recording of Joëlle Léandre (double bass, voice) and Akosh S. (tenor & soprano saxophones, metal clarinet, tárogató, flute): a wonderful syntonic improvisation in a Hungarian synagogue.
Quentin Rollet - L\'impatience des invisibles (CD)
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First duo album with Quentin Rollet (saxophones, synthesizer, electronics) and Romain Perrot (keyboards, electronics, voice).

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