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les presses du réel

The Aesthetics of RiskSoCCAS Symposium Vol. III

John C. Welchman – Preface

John C. Welchman – Introduction

Gerda Reith – Living with Risk: Chance, Luck, and the Creation of Meaning in Uncertainty

Neve Gordon and Dani Filc – Annihilating the Logic of Risk: Israel's Military Occupation and the Ascendancy of Hamas

Douglas Crimp – The Risk of Coming Together: Ronald Tavel's Screenplays for Andy Warhol's Films

Keiko Sei in Conversation with Chris Hill

Chrissie Iles – Catharsis, Violence, and the Alienated Self: Performance Art in Britain 1962-1988

Jane Blocker – Aestheticizing Risk in Wartime: The SLA to Iraq

Gabriela Jauregui – Pull the Trigger: Risking Bodies in Recent Art from Mexico City

Richard Shiff – To Risk Not Naming

Elena Shtromberg – Bodies in Peril: Enacting Censorship in Early Brazilian Video Art (1974-1978)

Brock Enright in Conversation with Andrew Bulger

Catherine Opie in Conversation with Douglas Crimp

Paul McCarthy in Conversation with John C. Welchman. Risks Between: Trauma and Studio, Tape and World

Glenn Phillips – Reckless Behavior

Critical Art Ensemble – Not So Quiet on the Western Front: A Report on Risk and Cultural Resistance within the Neoliberal Society of Fear

Henry Flynt – Exercise Awareness-States

Jordan Crandall – Readiness Against Risk

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