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Spectra Ex MachinaA Sound Anthology Of Occult Phenomena – 1920-2017 – Vol. 1 (vinyl LP)

 - Spectra Ex Machina
Cette anthologie propose une archive sonore des phénomènes occultes. À travers des documents rares, cette collection en trois volumes retrace l'histoire audio de la parapsychologie. Le premier volume est consacré au spiritisme et aux maisons hantées...
Side 1
Spiritual Séances and Medium Trances
01 Arthur Conan Doyle on Spiritualism [London, England, May 14, 1930]
02 Gladys Osborne Leonard and the spirit of “Feda,” in the presence of Reverend W.S. Irving and T. Besterman [London, England, November 17, 1932]
03 Rudi Schneider's Trance [London, England, 1933]
04 Harry Houdini's “final séance” [Hollywood, USA, October 31, 1936]
05 Ivy Carter Beaumont aka “Rosemary”: “The Speech of Ancient Egypt, Eighteenth Dynasty” [England, July 14, 1938]
06 Einer Nielsen and the “spectral voices” of “Astrid” and “Bischof Liljeblad” [Copenhagen, Denmark, c. 1950] 1'16
07 Leslie Flint and the “voice” of Oscar Wilde of Reverend W.S. Irving and T. Besterman [London, England, August 20, 1962]
08 A spiritism séance broadcast on the radio [Paris. France. 1976]

Side 2
Haunting Spirits and Haunted Places
09 The Rosenheim case [Germany, December 1967]
10 The Th. case of Reverend W.S. Irving and T. Besterman [Switzerland, April 16, 1967]
11 The S. case [Germany, 1968]
12 The P. case [Germany, December 1971]
13 Knocking phenomena [Germany, 1974]
14 Émile Tizané about “little hauntings” [Paris, France, 1976]
15 Voice produced by Janet Hodgson during a trance [Enfield, England, January-February 1978]
16 Dominique and the “talking wall” [La Machine, France, 1973]
17 Anneliese Michel's Exorcism Ritual by Father Arnold Renz [Klingenberg, Germany, 1976]
18 Denys Renaudin's investigation of a haunting case [Paris, France, 1979]
19 Jack Sutton and the “haunted airfield” [Norfolk, England, c. 1980]
20 “Paranormal” explosion [London, England, 1995]
paru en novembre 2019
vinyle + livret 20 pages (30 x 30 cm)
20 titres
Spectra Ex Machina

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