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Minor CinemaExperimental Film in Switzerland

table of contents
A Minor History of a Cinema on the Margins
François Bovier and Adeena Mey

Fragments of a History of Experimental Filmmaking in Switzerland
Thomas Schärer and Fred Truniger


HHK Schoenherr's “Broken Cinema”
François Bovier

Robert Beavers and Gregory Markopoulos:
Time Spent and Time Between
Ian Wooldridge

At the Limits of the Visible: Clemens Klopfenstein's Experiments of the 1970s
Simon Koenig

The Love of Nature and its Opposite: Staging the Landscape in Peter Liechti's Early Films
Marcy Goldberg

Film Forum, Supervisuell, and Ciné Circus: Experimental Filmmaking in Zurich in the Late 1960s
Thomas Schärer

Notes from Hors-Champ: On Experimental Filmmaking in Basel in the 1970s and 1980s
Ute Holl


Expanded Kunsthalle: The Role of Cinema at the Kunsthalle Bern under the Curatorship of Harald Szeemann (1961–1969)
Nicolas Brulhart

Underground Explosion: A Vaudeville of the Avant-Garde
Thomas Schärer and Fred Truniger

P.A.P. (Progressive Art Production): A “Film Gallery” for “Political and Pornographic” Cinema
François Bovier

Exhibiting Structural Film? Annette Michelson, Between Criticism and Curating
Adeena Mey

Video Art—Under- and Over-Exposure/Exhibition: Early Exhibitions in French-Speaking Switzerland
Geneviève Loup

Beyond Frontiers: The Singularity of René Bauermeister's“Moving” Work
Jean-Michel Baconnier

Structure and Participation in the Films of Tony Morgan
Renate Buschmann


Serge Stauffer and the Film de Recherche: Traces of a Friendship
Michael Hiltbrunner

Experiences of the Experimental in French-Speaking Switzerland: Ciné-Clubs, Critics, Schools of Art
Interview with François Albera by François Bovier


From a Debate over a Playground to the Meeting Point for Swiss Video Art: The Beginnings of the VIPER International Film, Video, and Performance Festival
Gabriel Fluckiger, Siri Peyer, and Fred Truniger


Between Avant-Garde and Sponsor: Kurt Blum's Industrial Films around 1960
Thilo Koenig


An Avant-Garde of Amateurs? The Cinematic Experiments of Jaques Dutoit, Georges Dufaux, and Hans Haldenwang
Vrääth Öhner

Cléo Uebelmann, Mano Destra, 1985: Coldness and Cruelty
François Bovier and Christian Giuliano Tarabini

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