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Si vous avez manqué la première partie…Fortune critique, écrits et entretiens, 1982-2007

Bernard Piffaretti - Si vous avez manqué la première partie…
Writings and interviews by (and around) one of the main actors of the return to painting.
Born in 1955 in Saint-Etienne, France, Bernard Piffaretti lives and works in Paris.
Texts and interviews by Nathalie Anglès, Christian Bernard, Laurent Busine, Inès Champey, Yann Chataigné, Jean-Pierre Criqui, Éric de Chassey, Isabelle Ewig, Robert Fleck, Jean-Michel Foray, Jean Fournier, Joe Fyfe, Jean-Louis Froment, Bruno Haas, Jean-Marc Huitorel, Emmanuel Latreille, Guitemie Maldonato, Werner Meyer, Yves Michaud, Catherine Perret, Arnauld Pierre, Bernard Piffaretti, Didier Semin, Raphaël Rubinstein, Claire Stoullig, Jean-Philippe Vienne, Timo Vuorikoski.

Published with Mamco.
published in 2008
French edition
17 x 24 cm (softcover)
248 pages
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ISBN : 978-2-84066-227-3
EAN : 9782840662273
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