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Volume ! #18-2 – Experts / Non experts

 - Volume ! #18-2
The purpose of this issue "Experts / Non Experts. Participative Knowledge Construction in Popular Music: Controversies and Historiography" is to offer a retrospective and critical reflection on popular music studies' initial vocation, to bring to light repertoires that are seldom studied and even sometimes discredited. It also aims at encouraging new reflections and research avenues regarding this initial vocation, by especially envisaging the collaboration of experts and non-experts in the knowledge-building process.
Volume! The French journal of popular music studies is the only peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the study of contemporary popular music. It is published biannually by the Editions Mélanie Seteun, a publishing association specialized in popular music. The journal is in French with some non-translated articles in English.
Volume! was established in 2002 under the title Copyright Volume! by Gérôme Guibert, Marie-Pierre Bonniol and Samuel Etienne, and obtained its current name in 2008.
Edited by Christophe Levaux and Christophe Pirenne.
Texts by Yves Dorémieux and Camille Moreddu, José Vicente Neglia, Danick Trottier, Christophe Pirenne, Christophe Levaux, Michael Spanu and Héctor Cavallaro, Claire Fraysse, Sylvain Martet, Giulia Sarno.
published in January 2022
texts in English and French
21 x 21 cm (softcover)
204 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-913169-67-8
EAN : 9782913169678
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