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Cura. #37 – Post Society / After language

 - Cura. #37
Cura. #37 intertwines the themes of After Language and Post Society, and explores the way in which the radical change in the economic, political, cultural, linguistic and emotional structures that define our present is called upon to identify alternative and functional models for the advancement of "new."
Featuring: Anne Imhof, DIS, Simon Denny, Atlas of Anomalous AI, Nora Turato, Slavs and Tatars, New Red Order (NRO), aLifveForms, David Horvitz, Cao Fei, Hana Miletić, Rose Salane, Rachel Rossin, Yein Lee, Jonny Negron...
This issue comes with three different covers (DIS, Anne Imhof and Nora Turato), randomly distributed.

Cura.magazine is a platform for contemporary art based in Rome that investigates with an independent spirit today's artistic production, art's emerging scene and the borders that have marked its central moments, through collaborations with international artists and curators, who live in different areas of the world. It has a production of three issues per year.
The platform is also an editorial structure (Cura.books), publishing a series of artist's books (see the corresponding page in the publishers section).
published in November 2021
English edition
21 x 28 cm (softcover)
256 pages (ill.)
sold out
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