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Dinggg Donggg Dinggg Vs Singgg Songg SingggLimited Artist Edition (vinyl LP + 7'')

Charlemagne Palestine - Dinggg Donggg Dinggg Vs Singgg Songg Singgg
Singing songs while playing ding dongs, Charlemagne Palestine's solo voice over the bells of his studio carillon is a premiere in his recorded works, and possibly the first voice/carillon record in musical history. All the little shamanic stuffed deities inhabiting the carillon added their souls to the spirit of the reverberating songs, including a song in memory of Mika Vainio. This Artist Edition includes an additional 7" record, engraved with an exclusive track on one side and etched with a Charlemagne Palestine drawing on the other.
Limited edition of 240 hand-numbered copies.

Charlemagne Palestine (born Charles Martin ni 1947 in Brooklyn, New York) wrote intense, ritualistic music in the 1970s, intended by the composer to rub against audiences' expectations of what is beautiful and meaningful in music. A composer-performer, he always performed his own works as soloist. His earliest works were compositions for carillon and electronic drones, and he is best known for his intensely performed piano works. He also performs as a vocalist. Palestine's performance style is ritualistic; he generally surrounds himself (and his piano) with stuffed animals, smokes large numbers of kretek (Indonesian clove cigarettes) and drinks cognac.

See also Marie Canet: Palestine, first name CharlemagneMeshugga Land.
published in December 2018
yellow vinyl
in stock
(last copies available!)

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