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Kilobase Bucharest A-Z

 - Kilobase Bucharest A-Z
Kilobase Bucharest A-Z is a publication aimed at describing Bucharest through a sort of experimental primer: for each letter of the english alphabet, 26 artists and collectives have chosen a key term that represents a sliver of the Romanian capital. The resulting portrait conveys the essence of Bucharest from a subjective standpoint that captures the infinite facets of the city's life and culture.
Edited by Dragos Olea and Sandra Demetrescu.
Contributions by Irina Bujor, Serioja Bocsok, studioBASAR, Iuliana Dumitru, Ștefan Ghenciulescu, Kilobase Bucharest, Apparatus 22, Mihnea Mihalache-Fiastru, Ștefan Constantinescu, Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber, Gruia Bădescu, Ioana Ulmeanu, Decebal Scriba, Sillyconductor, Prosper Center, Geir Haraldseth, Jimmy Robert, Karol Radziszewski, Lea Rasovszky, Ștefan Botez, Simina Neagu, Bogdan Iancu, Andrei Mihail, Mihai Lukács, Mihai Mihalcea, Cosima Opârtan, Juergen Teller, Hans Leonard Krupp.
published in May 2021
English edition
10,5 x 16,5 cm (softcover)
352 pages
ISBN : 978-606-95055-1-9
EAN : 9786069505519
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