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Requiem des innocents (vinyl LP)

Virginie Despentes, Zëro - Requiem des innocents (vinyl LP)
A vibrant stage adaptation of Louis Calaferte's book by Virginie Despentes accompanied by the rock band Zëro.
Virginie Despentes (born 1969 in Nancy) is a French novelist, also director and translator, with a powerful and subversive voice and writing, author notably of Baise-moi (1994), King Kong Théorie (2006) and the Vernon Subutex trilogy (2015-2017).
Zëro is a French rock band from Lyon, composed of Éric Aldéa (guitar, bass, vocals), Franck Laurino (drums) and Ivan Chiossone (keyboards, guitar), formed in 2006 on the ashes of Bästard and Deity Guns (1989-1993).
published in June 2020
EAN : 3521381560251
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