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Freud's Cigars

Noor van der Brugge - Freud\'s Cigars
In a refreshing and playful way this visual poem investigates freedom and circles around Freud's flight from Vienna to London in 1939.
These pages give us a fascinating “indirection”, like psychoanalysis itself, and are a tentative answer, one story fuelling the other, just as Freud lighting one cigar with another.
We cross historical figures, like Milton, Louis XVI, Napoleon, Princess Marie Bonaparte, T.S. Eliot and Tinguely, who free themselves with playful activities: dancing, singing, kissing a dog or camel and smoking cigars.
Noor van der Brugge underlines with delectation that just doing what we really love, unburdened with practical use, can be a way to feel our freedom.
Noor van der Brugge is a Dutch artist who has produced several illustrated books and exhibited her graphic work throughout Europe.
published in January 2020
English ed.
14,5 x 21 cm (softcover)
92 pages (ill.)
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