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Antonin Artaud torturé par les psychiatres

Isidore Isou - Antonin Artaud torturé par les psychiatres
Through the detailed analysis of Antonin Artaud's psychiatric history, Lettrist master Isidore Isou delivers a real indictment in this singular text which is both an investigation and a pamphlet.
New edition of the text first published by Maurice Lemaître in his review Lettrisme #13 in September 1970.
Isidore Isou (1925, Botosani, Romania – 2007, Paris), the ingenious Romanian poet, artist, economist, novelist, film-maker, choreographer and theoretician, created in 1945 the last avant-garde movement to attempt to overthrow everything – Lettrism, a movement that would embrace personalities as diverse as Gabriel Pomerand, Maurice Lemaître, Gil J Wolman and Guy Debord. Isou is the author of a huge body of work centered on the act of creation, for which he proposed a method, Creatics, which is a systematic approach to understanding and grasping the mechanics of creation.

See also Frédéric Acquaviva: Isidore Isou; Frédéric Alix : Penser l'art et le monde après 1945 – Isidore Isou, essai d'archéologie d'une pensée; Fragments pour Isidore Isou.
Edited by Laurent Cauwet.
published in May 2020
French edition
12 x 17,5 cm (softcover)
144 pages
ISBN : 978-2-37896-131-2
EAN : 9782378961312
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