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The Drawer #16 – Green

The Drawer  - The Drawer #16
A review dedicated to drawing, that leaves the artists fairly free. A field for play, expression and creation based on a single color, the 16th volume of The Drawer brings together around twenty artists and designers.
With Sara Anstis, Lucas Arruda, Joseph Dadoune, Marc Desgrandchamps, Mimosa Échard, Vincent Gicquel, Karine Hoffman, Junya Ishigami, Paul Kindersley, Jérémy Liron, Rosilene Luduvico, Dora Maar, Flora Moscovici, Alexandre Benjamin Navet, Lisa Oppenheim, Kim L Pace, Gina Pane, Tere Recarens, Jérôme Robbe, Samuel Trenquier, Natsuko Uchino, Edouard Villemagne, Edouard Wolton, Janna Zhiri.
The Drawer is the first publication dedicated entirely to drawing.
A bi-annual, open-ended thematic review, The Drawer celebrates the practice of drawing in its broadest possible context, combining contributions from artists, graphic designers, architects, and illustrators with work from a surprising array of musicians, writers, choreographers and filmmakers. What do each of them share? Well, the thing of drawing, of course! And their unique place in its universe.
The Drawer is all drawings, all kinds of drawers, an intriguing proposition...
For each issue, our editors choose a theme based on its potential for creativity or fantasy and inspired by literature, cinema, music or any other engaging aspect of the culture. Contributors are then invited to submit drawings related to the theme.
The Drawer is an open playground for expression and creativity in print.
What is drawing? Who draws? What for, and why? With each issue, we cast a wide net, and ask as much about the state of drawing today as possible through the work of our extraordinary and ever-changing community of contributors.
Visual, portable, manual, The Drawer is meant to delight and inspire. In-print exhibition, miniature art cabinet, The Drawer's modest ambition is to discover and share the endless possibilities of drawing.
The Drawer is brought to you by editor Barbara Soyer, and artist/illustrator/art director Sophie Toulouse.

The Drawer is also a publishing platform for monographic book projects.
published in March 2019
French edition (texts in English and French)
17 x 24 cm (hardcover)
160 pages (color & b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-95599-273-9
EAN : 9782955992739
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The Drawer The Drawer The Drawer The Drawer The Drawer The Drawer The Drawer The Drawer The Drawer The Drawer The Drawer
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