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 - Screamscape
This broadsheet publication documents and extends the investigations initiated during the first edition of Screamscape, an informal international institute of creation and research on screaming.
Screamscape took place at the Kunsthalle Fribourg in June 2015 as an overview on screaming, which Included: a week of artists in residence, performances, workshops and an exhibition curated by Thibault Walter (Theorist, Lausanne) and Allen S. Weiss (Artist, New York). This publication not only records the events that happened during the week of the Screamscape, but also presents an overview of the conceptual architecture of the project: its temporality and its dynamic.
With Thibault Walter, Nora Schultz, Angela Marzullo, Ilaria Picchetti, Michael Gendreau, Francesco Gregorio, Nicolas Brulhard, Thomas Perrodin, Lucas Cantori, Fabian Marti, Allen S. Weiss, Dave Phillips, Angela Marzulo, Jason Kahn, Vanessa Gageos, Léo Collin, Infolipo, Cassandre Poirier-Simon, Jérôme Berbier, Lou Masduraud, Roxane Bovet, Antoine Läng, Gabrielle Schaad, Boris Denler, Jen Morris, Marc Décimo, Grand Chœur Noise, Ernest Churchill, Andrea Marioni, Antoine Chessex, Francisco Meirino, Camille Dumond, Alexandra Catana, Junko Hiroshige, Judith Huber & Silvia Isenschmid, Delphine Depres, Denise Bertschi
Published following the eponymous program at Fri Art – Kunsthalle Freiburg, from May 30 to June 6, 2015.
Published with Fri Art – Kunsthalle Fribourg.
published in September 2015
French edition
29 x 19 cm (folded) / 29 x 38 cm (unfolded)
44 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-9700908-9-2
EAN : 9782970090892
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Screamscape Screamscape Screamscape Screamscape Screamscape
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