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Espace(s) #10 – Obsessions et fascinations

 - Espace(s) #10
For its ten-year anniversary, the magazine addresses the fascination and obsession towards the conquest of space. The issue invites Italian authors to discuss the subject of outer space, and artists in residence at the French Space Agency document their projects (Pierre Senges, Charles Pennequin, Jean Lambert-wild, Vannina Maestri, Éric Pessan).
Published from 2005 to 2022 by the French Space Agency (CNES), self-defined as a laboratory notebook, Espace(s) aims to gather the art, literary and scientific worlds through the exploration of a theme linked to outer space. The review includes a large iconography and visual contributions by contemporary artists.
Texts by Gérard Azoulay, Philippe Di Meo, Gherardo Bortolotti, Sparajurij, Ada Sirente, Andrea Raos, Tommaso Ottonieri, Nicola Mazzeo, Giovanni Galli, Romaric Tisserand, Benoît Vincent, David Léon, Mathias Richard, Nicolas Tardy, Danièle Momont, Sebastian Dicenaire, Badejo Oluseun, Laura Vazquez, Christophe Esnault, Hugues Fléchard, Laurent Laurent, Jean-Paul Curnier, Alexis Forestier, Pierre Senges, Charles Pennequin, Jean Lambert-wild, Vannina Maestri, Éric Pessan, Raphaël Navarro, Valentine Losseau, Marie Darrieussecq, Martin Page, Olivier Bleys, Manuel Candré, Sandra Moussempès, Hélène Frappat, Emmanuelle Bayamack-Tam, Karin Serres, Thomas Coppey, Jean-Bernard Pouy.
published in March 2014
French edition
17 x 25 cm (softcover)
240 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-85440-027-4
EAN : 9782854400274
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