Jean-Paul Curnier

Jean-Paul Curnier (1951-2017) was a French philosopher and writer.
Jean-Paul Curnier - Vingt et un tours de la question (radiophonies)
French edition
Al Dante - Poetry & Literature
Collection of fictitious transcripts of radio speeches by experts on subjects such as art in life, the scarcity of water, cigarettes, or neighborhood relations. Among the 21 speeches, only one is authentic. A humoristic take on the notion of expert, and its propagandist deviation.
Jean-Paul Curnier - Le phare des eaux de la terre
French edition
Al Dante - Architecture
20.30 10.00 €
Inspired by a water tower conceived by architect Thierry Van de Wyngaert, philosopher Jean-Paul Curnier shares a text on his teenage years in South-East France.

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