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Danse contemporaine et littératureEntre fictions et performances écrites

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 - Danse contemporaine et littérature
A collective essay focusing on the intersections between contemporary dance and literature.
Printed edition published in April 2015 (ISBN: 978-2-914124-55-3).
Edited by Magali Nachtergael and Lucille Toth.
Texts by Lucille Toth, Magali Nachtergael, Alice Godfroy, Cécile Schenck, Biliana Fouilhoux, Carole Maccotta, Marie Doga, Fanny Fournié, Anne Pellus, Élise Van Haesebrouck, Judith Mayer, Nancy Murzilli, Stefano Genetti, Chantal Lapeyre-Desmaison, Enora Rivière, Laura Soudy, Alice Gervais-Ragu, Katja Simunic, Margot-Zoé Renaux, Marie Canet, Clément Dessy, Raphaël Cottin, Lenaig Le Yeuc'h, Marie Chouinard, Christine Gérard, Olivia Grandville, Christian Rizzo, Daniel Dobbels, interviews with Simone Forti by Marie Canet, Pascal Quignard by Stefano Genetti, Célia Houdart by Judith Mayer.
published in November 2017
French edition
240 pages
ISBN : 978-2-914124-58-4 / 978-2-914124-86-7
EAN : 9782914124584
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Danse contemporaine et littérature Danse contemporaine et littérature Danse contemporaine et littérature

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