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Marcher dans le rêve d'un autreOrleans Biennale of Architecture

Marcher dans le rêve d\'un autre  - Marcher dans le rêve d\'un autre
Catalogue of the first Orleans Biennale of Architecture: introduced by a series of texts on Guy Rottier>, Demas Nwoko and Patrick Bouchain, the publication offers an intersecting vision from over forty contemporary architects working on building a shared world. The concluding part presents a mapping of the research in architecture.
“For its first edition, the Biennale d'Architecture d'Orléans has singled out three different paths to approaching architecture: migration as our sole destination; architecture defined as a permanent ritornello between fiction and reality; dreaming as a method to go beyond catastrophe and towards each other. This triptych is the starting point for our discussions with the invited architects and artists. We have asked each of them—about new works or their latest research —to discuss about the "other of their architecture" and to consider dream as the meeting point for utopia, experimentation, prospective and memory. We have seen how the continuous exchanges between all these paradigms give birth to an art of synthesis that the various exhibitions of this Biennale seeks to bring to light. Thus, we are exploring a new prospective, a field of experimentation and innovation in order to create an architecture of non-static and non-dominant situations while hopefully escaping the "architectural chiourism".”
Abdelkader Damani & Luca Galofaro
With 2A+P/A, Amid.Cero9, Architecture Principe, Archizoom Association, Aristide Antonas, Pierre Bernard, Jordi Bernadó, Tatiana Bilbao, BLACK SQUARE, Henri Bony & Léa Mosconi, Patrick Bouchain, Alexander Brodsky, Fabrizio Carola, CAVART, Nidhal Chamekh, Chanéac, France, Constant, Riccardo Dalisi, ecoLogicStudio, Gilles Ehrmann, David Georges Emmerich, Gunter Gunschel, Haus-Rucker-Co, Pascal Häusermann, Encore Heureux, Hans Hollein, Ensamble Studio, Frida Escobedo, Factory Fifteen, Didier Fiùza Faustino, Lukas Feireiss, Gian Piero Frassinelli, Mathias Goeritz, Saba Innab, Jozef Jankovič, Bernard Khoury, Lucia Koch, Cédric Libert, LIST, MAIO, Maria Mallo, Manthey Kula, MICROCITIES / Socks Studio, Minimaforms, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Demas Nwoko, OBRA Architects, Claude Parent, Hèctor Parra, Ana Peñalba, Andrés Perea Ortega, PEROU, Ugo La Pietra, PIOVENEFABI, José Miguel de Prada Poole, Thomas Raynaud, Guy Rottier, Francisco Javier Seguí de la Riva & Ana Buenaventura, Olivier Seguin, Massinissa Selmani, Beniamino Servino, Ettore Sottsass, Pierre Székely, takk, Mario Terzic, Max Turnheim, Luis Urculo, José Maria Yturralde, Mengzhi Zheng, Annett Zinsmeister, 1024.

Published on the occasion the 1st Orleans Biennale of Architecture, from October 13, 2017, to April 1st, 2018.
Edited by Abdelkader Damani and Luca Galofaro.
Foreword by Françoise Nyssen, François Bonneau, Olivier Carré, Mélanie Fortier.
Texts by Abdelkader Damani, Lukas Feireiss, Pierre Frey, Luca Galofaro, Mónica García, Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi, Gilles Rion, Guy Rottier, Aurélien Vernant.

Published with Frac Centre.
published in October 2017
bilingual edition (English / French)
16,5 x 23,5 cm (softcover)
360 pages (color & b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-84066-979-1
EAN : 9782840669791
sold out
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Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre

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