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Cura. #25

 - Cura. #25
Cura #25 Summer issue celebrates its special edition, dedicated to 25 (+1) outstanding protagonists of the contemporary art scene, selected among the most interesting female artists of the new generation. A collectible and celebratory issue!
Women are the protagonists of this iconic issue, thanks to a series of multi-faced portraits and to the contribution of an international board of critics and curators. Far from the more radical expressions of feminism, the new generation of women artists defines a refreshed attitude toward hot themes connected with intimacy, sexuality, the body, daily life, public and private space, race, gender, family, roles, tradition, social and political engagement.
The artists' selection proudly introduces: Meriem Bennani (by Martha Kirszenbaum); Hannah Black (by manuel arturo abreu); Amy Brener (by Owen J. Duffy); Elaine Cameron-Weir (by Frances Loeffler); Jacky Connolly (by Fiona Alison Duncan); Sara Cwynar (by Durga Chew-Bose); Eliza Douglas (by Anna Gritz); Olivia Erlanger (by Clément Delépine); Louisa Gagliardi (by Pierre-Alexandre Mateos & Charles Teyssou); Rochelle Goldberg (by Rose Bouthillier); Lauren Halsey (by Ceci Moss); Celia Hempton (by Nicoletta Lambertucci); Lena Henke (by Aria Dean); Melike Kara (by Gregor Quack); Maggie Lee (by Whitney Mallett); Dana Lok (by Laura Phipps); Jumana Manna (by Kate Sutton); Beatrice Marchi (by Attilia Fattori Franchini); Jill Mulleady (by Maurin Dietrich); Julia Phillips (by Ruba Katrib); Megan Rooney (by Laura McLean-Ferris); Tschabalala Self (by Antwaun Sargent); Diamond Stingily (by Sara O'Keeffe); Martine Syms (by Ciara Moloney); Dena Yago (by Josephine Graf).
To present this awesome group of artists, “three differing, but nevertheless related covers” expressly conceived by Swiss artist Claudia Comte “bring together regimented structure with the artist's characteristic playfulness. A hard-edged geometric black and white pattern serves as the backdrop for a soft organic donut-shaped wooden sculpture. The effect is a head-spinning optical illusion, traversed with carefree wit.” (Samuel Leuenberger).
Cura #25 comes with three different covers (Claudia Comte), distributed randomly.

Cura.magazine is a platform for contemporary art based in Rome that investigates with an independent spirit today's artistic production, art's emerging scene and the borders that have marked its central moments, through collaborations with international artists and curators, who live in different areas of the world. It has a production of three issues per year.
The platform is also an editorial structure (Cura.books), publishing a series of artist's books (see the corresponding page in the publishers section).
published in June 2017
English edition
20,5 x 28,5 cm (softcover)
228 pages (color ill.)
in stock
Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura. Cura.

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