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Panorama 16  - Panorama 16
A perspective on contemporary video and multimedia creation through the various works produced by students and invited artists-professors for the 16th edition of the “Panorama“ program at Le Fresnoy, curated by Matthieu Orléan.
Open to advanced students since 1997, Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains is a hub for teaching, production, and distribution dedicated to digital imagery, sound, and art. Every year, with the support and guidance of visiting artists/professors (filmmakers, sculptors, composers, choreographers, photographers, etc.), each student has to produce a work under professional conditions for presentation in the end-of-year exhibition, Panorama. This event has developed into a real showcase for young artists breaking onto the national and international contemporary art scenes.
This catalogue documents in words and pictures works produced by two intakes of students and shown at the sixteenth Panorama, as well as pieces by the visiting artists/professors for the year 2013-2014: Jean-Claude Brisseau, Bernard Faucon, Robert Henke (Monolake), Bertrand Lamarche, Thomas McIntosh, Ben Rivers.
Since 2004 Matthieu Orléan has been in charge of temporary shows at the Cinémathèque française, where his exhibitions include ¡Almodóvar Exhibition! (2006), Dennis Hopper et le Nouvel Hollywood (2008), Le Monde enchanté de Jacques Demy (2013) and Amos Gitai Architecte de la mémoire (2014). He also writes regularly on cinema and visual arts in specialist journals (Cahiers du Cinéma, Trafic, Vertigo, Synopsis, Purple, Numéro) and publications (Chantal Akerman, Autoportrait en cinéaste and Raymond Hains, J'ai la mémoire qui planche, Éditions du Centre Pompidou; Trésors Publics, 20 ans de création dans les Fonds régionaux d'art contemporain, Flammarion). His book about Paul Vecchiali, La Maison cinéma, came out in 2011 (Editions de l'œil). In 2007 he codirected Des Indes à la Planète Mars with Christian Merlhiot. It was shown in competition at the FID and released in April 2008. In 2013 he made an experimental short film, Résidence des limites, which was shown at Les Rencontres Internationales Paris/ Berlin/Madrid.
Texts by Matthieu Orléan and the artists.
published in June 2014
bilingual edition (English / French)
20,50 x 27,50 cm (softcover)
140 pages (ill.)
15.00 5.00
(special offer)
ISBN : 978-2-91769-610-1
EAN : 9782917696101
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Panorama 16 Panorama 16 Panorama 16 Panorama 16 Panorama 16 Panorama 16 Panorama 16 Panorama 16 Panorama 16 Panorama 16 Panorama 16

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