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Safari UrbainLa vie des plantes d'intérieur (DVD)

Michel Blazy - Safari Urbain
Michel Blazy's Urban Safari, discovering extraordinary houseplants (and their owners).
Michel Blazy (born 1966 in Monaco, lives and works in Paris) uses modest, perishable materials, coming from everyday life, and shows us some of the strange, sumptuous and monstrous things that they can contain. The live matter which he chooses for his works carries in it the potential mutations and deteriorations which make his art an ephemeral one, or, more exactly put, an art involving continual change. Michel Blazy likes to observe things, and he also lets time do its work on matter. The playful experiments he carries out, on natural materials as much as on artificial ones, form a eulogy to decomposition, an ode to matter's capacity to transform things, and the continual renewal of the cycle of things living . Each one of his works has a time-frame that is peculiar to it, and the notions of slowness and chance lie at the core of the process of artistic creation. His approach is also based on the elaboration of instructions for use, no less, helping to remake the pieces he presents, thus lending them a specific status, in a renewal that is on-going, and, at the same time, paradoxically, a certain form of permanence—that ephemeral character that comes across right away corresponds with a thoroughly natural way of conceiving the development of the works...
Directed by Michel Blazy with the participation of Froydis Boe, Stéphanie Boudet, Laetitia Chauvin, Valérie Cibot, Nil Dinc, Ida Julsen, Adrienne Larue, Marie-Christine Laurel, Brigitte de Malau, An Marquant, Emilie Poisson, Francesca Zappia.

Graphic design: Marie-Bénédicte Majoral.
published in 2009
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