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Marcel Duchamp mis à nuA propos du processus créatif

Marc Décimo - Marcel Duchamp mis à nu
Marcel Duchamp is “laid bare” by Marc Décimo who talks about the creative process in his most recent book on the father of conceptual art. Anyone who comes across a readymade by Duchamp is surprised. “But why?” is the question most often asked. The readymade undoubtedly provided the greatest challenge to the classic notion of beauty ; it also marks a turning point in consideration of defined limits of painting and sculpture.
Linguist, semiotician and art historian, Marc Décimo is Professor of Contemporary Art History in Paris-X Nanterre and Regent of the College of 'Pataphysics (Chair of Literary, Ethnographical and Architectural Amoriography). He is the editor of Lydie Fischer Sarazin-Levassor's memories with Marcel Duchamp, and of Brisset's complete works. He published around twenty books on fous littéraires and historical avant-gardes, including an essay on Brisset (Jean-Pierre Brisset - Prince des Penseurs), and numerous books on Duchamp: Duchamp mis à nu (“Duchamp laid bare”), Duchamp facile (“Duchamp made easy”)...
published in 2004
French edition
17 x 24 cm (hardcover)
322 pages (b/w illustrations)
ISBN : 978-2-84066-119-1
EAN : 9782840661191
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Marcel Duchamp mis à nu Marcel Duchamp mis à nu Marcel Duchamp mis à nu Marcel Duchamp mis à nu Marcel Duchamp mis à nu
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