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Ovi Bimba

Ovi Bimba Hans Arp - Ovi Bimba
The Zurich works.
In 1916, Hans Arp was invited by Hugo Ball to take part in the Cabaret Voltaire at Spiegelgasse 1 in Zurich. The now iconic event marked the birth of Dadaism and the beginnings of a long overdue breakthrough for Arp. "Ovi Bimba" is a revelatory publication exploring these early years of Arp's practice, focusing on his time in Zurich during the birth of Dada to his sculptures in the 1940s and 1950s.
The publication positions these diverse pieces alongside those of Arp's fellow artists, including his wife, Sophie Taeuber-Arp.
Featuring texts by renowned Dada scholar, Juri Steiner, and over eighty beautifully reproduced colour plates.
Hans Arp (born 1886 in Strasbourg, died 1966 in Basel) was one of the most innovative and influential artists of the 20th century. With a playful hand and a multifaceted practice that included sculpture, relief, painting, collage and poetry, Arp, co-founder of the Zurich Dada movement, juggled the dominant art currents of Cubism, Surrealism, and Constructivism, combining seemingly contradictory geometric and organic formal idioms with the artistic "-isms" of his epoch.

See also Agathe Mareuge: Petite éternitéL'œuvre poétique tardive de Jean Hans Arp.
Edited by Melanie Dankbar and Juri Steiner.
Texts by Juri Steiner.
published in November 2012
bilingual edition (English / German)
23,8 x 30,6 cm (hardvcover, cloth binding)
104 pages (107 color & 8 b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-03764-297-9
EAN : 9783037642979
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Ovi Bimba Ovi Bimba Ovi Bimba

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