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Works & Process (DVD)

Works & Process (DVD) Jean Olivier Hucleux - Works & Process (DVD)
Three films about Hucleux.
This DVD is dedicated to the work of French artist Jean Olivier Hucleux. This edition presents all the films in a subtitled English version. The DVD contains almost 80 minutes as a programme of 3 films: a documentary on several meetings with the artist who talks of his artistic development, from the very first works until today, an interview of the artist with his son, and a document showing Jean Olivier Hucleux at work.
“Works and Process” is a monographic collection of DVDs dedicated to contemporary artists directed by Gilles Coudert. Every “monograph” uses an encyclopaedic principle and suggests discovering and understanding the approach of a creator through various documentary approaches, films and unknow archives of the artist.
Edited by Gilles Coudert.
Films directed by Virgile Novarina, François Garcia, and Alban Roul.
published in December 2011
French edition (English subtitles)
DVD5 - PAL - Multizone - AC3 Stereo - 4/3
80' (3 films)
25.00 20.00
(special offer)
ISBN : 979-10-91490-19-1
EAN : 9791091490191
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Works & Process (DVD) Works & Process (DVD) Works & Process (DVD) Works & Process (DVD) Works & Process (DVD) Works & Process (DVD)

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