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Tauba Auerbach - Folds
Auerbach's eponymous painting series for the first time in book form.
In connection with Tauba Auerbach's exhibition “Tetrachromat” at Bergen Kunsthall, Folds presents Auerbach's eponymous painting series for the first time in book form. In these paintings Auerbach twists and folds the canvas before applying the paint. In its stretched form the flat canvas conjures a trompe l'oeil rendering of its previous three-dimensional state. Transferred to the medium of the book, the paintings are presented here in a new and unexpected way alongside mathematical diagrams and three texts.
Born 1981 in San Francisco, Tauba Auerbach lives and works in New York and San Francisco. Her elegant, methodical compositions deconstruct the conventional ways visual and perceptual information is conveyed. She works with a number of printed media, and the book enjoys a quite central position in her oeuvre: from highly sophisticated book sculptures that are somewhere between physical objects and non-narrative books, to a series of individually made artist booksmost recently [2,3] (2011), a pop-up book where six detailed paper sculptures emerge from the book's pages.
Texts by Emmanuelle Dauplay, Edwin Abbott Abbott, Italo Calvino.

Design by Joe Gilmore, Qubik, with Tauba Auerbach.
published in December 2011
English edition
22 x 29 cm (hardcover, cloth binding, dust jacket)
112 pages (65 color ill.)
ISBN : 978-1-934105-64-1
EAN : 9781934105641
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Folds Folds Folds Folds Folds

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